About me an this blog

Ohai Dollies ^^

I’m just another fashion and graphics addicted girl from germany that loves everything about fashion and foxes. xD

My style?
There is always a pinch of cuteness even in the darkest styles. 
I love everything related to animes and mangas and i’m addicted to the darker style even if i’m cute ;p
I’m a skinshifter even if i love a brand i switch to other brands too cuz i love to variate my look without changing my Shape!

Reviews? You want me to review your stuff?
Send me a notecard with informations about your shop or event, i will have a look on it and mail back if i think it fits for me.

Why i named my blog the 9 tailed fox…
When i started thinking about making my own blog the first question was how to name it with out having a name that is used by other SL bloggers.
So when i came to this name there where at least a bunch of thinks why i chosed it.
1. In germany girls with redhair be called redfox
2. I love foxes and their myths.
3. A nine tailed fox ( also called kitsune or kumiho) is a shapeshifter that loves to appear as woman (won’t tell you the rest of that story ö,ö). ;)
4. Kitsune appear in some real good animes. xD


Askoria Narr


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