No° 318 – Ohaguro Bettari

Ohaguro BettariOhayoooo lovelys,
today i’m going to show you a preview for Xiasumi which will start on April the 3rd .
Since the theme of this round is supernatural i decided to become a Ohaguro Bettari which is a yokai cuz i thought it is a cool idea.
My accessoirs for this post are for Xiasumi from Altair* she made these super cute Magatama necklaces and Inari bells headpiece.
I’m totally excited for this round.
My hairs are called Iki from Lcky for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair which is running since the 28th of March.Some of my friends said this edit is to creepy, but i’m happy how it turned out cause i wanted to be a creepy yokai for you today.
Have fun on shopping
hugs & kisses Ask

Headpiece – ALTAIR* inari bells .gold. – soon @ Xiasumi
Hair – [LCKY] Iki // Neutral A Pack – New @ RAFF
Mouth – [ContraptioN] The Carnivorous Jaw (modded + lips added in photoshop)
Necklace –  ALTAIR* magatama necklace .ruby. – soon @ Xiasumi
Kimono – {MB} Furisode Kimono White Silk (2015)
Obi – {MB} Obi Origami Doll
Robe – {MB} Furisode Robe Crimson Crane (2015)
Claws – [CX] Ring Claws (Gold Blood)


No° 316 – Between worlds

between worlds
Ohayo my lovelys
today i slip between two worlds for you to show you these super cute ghostly owls Half-Deer made for C88.
I have a little preview for you from Cerberus Xing for the upcoming Menswear Fashion Week which will open on 27th of march.
I’m still in love with Glam Affairs latest release Katra that you can find at the Skin Fair which ends on 29th of march so hurry up to try out Katra and all the other pretty skins you can find there.
My gloves(Sweet Thing.)  and hair(Ploom) could be found at the Kawaii Project which goes on until the 10th of April.

Hugs & Kisses
(>^,^)> Ask <(^,^<)

On me:
Mouth – [PXL] SweetLips
Hands –  Slink AvEnhanceHands Female Gesture
Body –  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1

Skin & Lip Applier -Glam Affair – Katra skin – Polar – New @ Skin Fair
Eyes – !CS! Jaded Blue Light – New
Hair – .ploom. Sharla – New @ The Kawaii Project

Dress – .::Dead Dollz::. Shinobi White/Pink
Gloves – Sweet Thing. Derby Girl Gloves Fatpack – New @ The Kawaii Project
Piercings – [CX] Venom Set – 27th of March @ Menswear fashion week
Earings – [CX] Nailed It

Curtains –  {anc} lacecurtain .silver:fairy tale:woods – New @ W <3 RP
Owls –  +Half-Deer+ Great Horned Owl [Ghostly]New @ C88
Bushes  –  +Half-Deer+ Cloud Bushes
Trees –   +Half-Deer+ Daydreaming Tree – Pink (Pink Clouds)
Pose – !Ask – My world

No° 309 – Frozen world

frozen worldOhayoooo lovelys,
a new month just started today and even if winter is almost over, i have a frozen styling for you today.
I got this awesome new gown from wimey for the anniversary round of Oneword (sarts today March 1st) yesterday and i instantly fell in love with it.
So i began to put an outfit together i found this pretty new crown from CerberusXing in my inventory that will be release on the next We <3 RP (starts March 6th) round and combined it with one of the new hair styles that RunAway released for the Whore Couture 4 that just stated today too. (starts March 1st) and i instantly feel like a snow princess. *~*
When i finished my picture for todays post i just felt like this would be awesome for my blog theme to so that i decided to use it \o/ and i really think it is looking pretty damn good.
So i’m just happy with this styling ans i really hope you like it too.
Hugs & Kisses
(>^,^)> Ask <(^,^<)

Body –  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Hands –  Slink AvEnhance Female Hands – Elegant1
Lips – [PXL] SweetLips – New
Hair – [RA] Momo New @ Whore Cotoure 4
Eyes – {D.A} Nebula Soulless
Skin -Glam Affair – Alice – Polar 06 NB – New @ Kustom9
Lipapplier -Glam Affair – PXL Lips Appliers ( Alice Polar  ) 03 – New @ Shiny Shabby
Tattoo – Letis Tattoo – Essence
Dress – Wimey: Frozen Fractals Gown – Aqua – New @ Oneword
Crown – [CX] Quartz Crown – Silver – soon @ We <3 RP
Septum – { DATUM } Black Septum
Handjewelry – .aisling. Darshana Hand Jewelry
Bra – .aisling. Shynila – Bra Silver @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

No° 293 – Seer of the Queen

Seer of the QueenOhayoo lovelys ^^
today i have a big bunch of Fantasy Gacha Items for you \o/ and tomorrow is the day of the days because the november round will open it gates to all of you.
I hope you like my little look for today and have a much fun on a new round of gacha madness tomorrow.
All information about this round can befound in my opening post for this round which you can find here tomorrow before the Fantasy Gacha Carnival will be open.
So stay tuned. ;)
Hugs & Kisses Ask :*

Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet Female – High

Skin – –Glam Affair – Lauren skin – Asia 05 NB – New @ Uber
Eyes – !CS! Blinded
Lashes – //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Hairs – .Olive. the Mir Hair – Morning Coffee tomorrow @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Dress – Luas Orianna Dress XXS Silver White – tomorrow @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Armour parts – *pm* Ravens in Snow – F – Bracer, Pauldrons, Upper Arm & Hips – RARES – tomorrow @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Crown – Luas Orianna Crown Silver RARE – tomorrow @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tiara – *May’s Soul* – Oracul Headpiece tomorrow @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar – Cute Poison – Firstborn Choker – New
Bag – .{yumyums}. S. Wonderland – Queen’s Remedy Canteen RARE – tomorrow @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Staff – .{yumyums}. S. Wonderland – Spade Spear {Queen of <3} Sheathed – tomorrow @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pose – RACK Poses – Priestess Female Pose 3 – tomorrow @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

No° 292 – Little Creeper

little creeper

Ohayo lovelys,
sorry that i’ve been so absend in the last week, but my RL is very busy at least.
Today i have some news and a little sneak peak for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival round which starts on the 4th of November.
I also want to show you these awsome new shoes Cerberus Xing just released for the new round of Uber which started yesterday. My hairs are one of the releases from RunAway for the Halloween Fair which still goes on until the 7th of November so hurry over there to get great Halloween stuff. ^^ So today is the first time i try to release a post via ipad since i won’t found the time to post this morning before i had to leave the house, so hopefully this will went well.
I hope you are still there and follow my blog even if i was so busy the last days.

Hugs & kisses Ask :*

Horns – + Teilae Horns + {aii}
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet Female – High

Skin – –Glam Affair – Sia – Artic 05 – New @ C88
Eyebags – .Pekka. Eye wrinkles and bags
Eyes – !CS! Blinded
Lashes – //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Hairs – [RA] Kayako Hair – Fatpack – New @ Halloween Faire
Boody face paint & hands – Ama. : Adorable Evil – New
Plaster – .tsg. BooBoo Knees

Dress – .tsg. Ghoulie Dress – Bloody – New @ Kustom9
Shoes – [CX] Implant Series: Chained Heels (Silver) – New @ Uber

Tiara – Zyn ~ Abyssal Diadem – Teal – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts 4th november
Collar – Cute Poison – Firstborn Choker – New
Fingertips – [CX] Ring Claws Blogger Box (WEAR)
Lamp – Zyn ~ Abyssal Lantern ~ Teal – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Floating Fiends – Zyn ~ Abyssal Fiend Familiar – Teal – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Portal – [BlackPearls] „The Portal“ – Gacha Machine (not for sale as far as i know ;))
Pose – !Ask – little creeper – soon

No° 284 – Pale like the moon with lips dipped in blood

Pale like the moon with lips dipped in bloodOhayo lovelys ^^
today i have a bit fantasy styled outfit for you with bits from the upcoming Mystic Realms Fair which (10th – 26th October), a bunch of stuff from the new Suicide Dollz round and a new face from Glam Affair for the October round of Collabor88 that just started today.
Sia comes in 4 different tones (arctic, america, jamaica & the fantasy tone pearl i wear for this shoot) and with 8 different make ups.
So i wish you much fun on your shopping spree.
Hugs & Kisses Ask :*
Pale like the moon with lips dipped in blood close up go for the credits

No° 258 – In my mind

in my mindOhayoo lovelys ^^
today i have a bunch of news for you.
First of all a new Suicide Dollz round started on Sunday and there you can find a huge amount of new items like the pentagram necklace and my thight chains. ^^
Again i have some news from Collabor88 and Fantasy Gacha Carnival for you and at least a little sneak peak for the District 5 that starts tomorrow.
Random Matter will release a new stunning eye serie for you and i wear them in ice and violet for you today.
Happy shopping
Hugs and kisses Ask :*

Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Feet – Slink AvEnhancee Feet Female High

Skin – -Glam Affair – Artemis – Asia 10 NB + Artemis Brows – Tintable – New @ C88
Lipapplier – -Glam Affair– .LM.  Appliers – Romy  4-1
Eyes – .random.Matter. – Fracture Eyes – Ice &Violet – Soon @ District 5
Lashes – //Lovely Alien// StarryEyelashes
Hair – .Olive. the Darla Hair – HUD 1 – New @ C88
Tattoo – Speakeasy :: At bay tattoo – New @ Suicide Dollz
Nailpolish – [ S H O C K ] Slink Stylish Skull Nails – New @ The Black Fashion Fair

Dress  – The Secret Store – Odyssey Dress – Eggplant – New @ C88
Shoes – Pure Poison – Black Goddess Sandals-for SLINK Medium – New @ C88

Headpice – [Tia] Empress Headdress – RARE – New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Piercing – Static – Open Septum – Black – New @ Suicide Dollz
Collar – *May’s Soul* – Thor revenge girl collar black and silver – New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Necklace – +flipmode+ pentagram necklace – blk/silver – New @ Suicide Dollz
Cuffs – *May’s Soul* – Thor revenge girl Cuffs black and silver – New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tight Chans – :(SH): – Thigh Chains – 2 Rows – Silver – New @ Suicide Dollz
Hammer – *May’s Soul* – Thor revenge girl Cuffs black and silver – New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Poses – My own