No° 327 Master Please….

master please don't leave me...
„Master, please don’t leave me alone!“… whispered she pleadingly, after he had stopped torturing and teasing her for a while…
master please ...Ears – [CX] Elven Ears Split RARES – New @ The Gathering
Mouth – VCO _ Nina mesh lip _ {Pack}
Body – Maitreya Lara Body

Hair – Magika – 02 – Darkness Falls – New
Skin – Glam Affair – Sia Skin Polar – Collabro88 – Feb15
Blush – [PF] Cute Blush (part of PF <Crystal>Doll V2)

Blindfold – {Serenity} blindfold white S .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – New @ Romp
Septum – [CX] Filegree Septum (gold) – New @ Uber
Collar – .aisling. Lisira Collar – New @ Romp
Cuffs – ..::DeliciouS::..  Adamantium Prisoner Cuffs
Striped down thong – Luas – Vega Thong Black RARE
Footchains – [CX] Riveted Chains (silver) – SOON @ The Season Story
Canemarks – Ama. : Caned Ass and Thighs : Physique, Maitreya, Omega – New @ Romp
tortured Bum – antielle. Spanks – New @ Romp

Pose – My own ask me if your interested in it
Scene – The Bay

(>^,^)> Hugs & Kisses Ask <(^,^<)


No° 326 – Butterfly witch

Butterfly witch„Up and away over the clouds, higher and higher until we touch the sky….“ she said to all her little friends and flew away

Ears – [CX] Elven Ears Split RARES – New @ The Gathering
Mouth – VCO _ Nina mesh lip _ {Pack}
Body – Maitreya Lara Body
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

Hair – Magika – 02 – Darkness Falls – New
Eyes – .tsg. Galaxy – Aquamarine
Skin – Glam Affair – Sia Skin Polar – Collabro88 – Feb15
Blush – [PF] Cute Blush (part of PF <Crystal>Doll V2)
Eyeliner –[Buzz] Essentials – Royale Liner

Faceband – {CHO} faceband GOLD .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – New @ TTS
Septum – [CX] Filegree Septum (gold) – New @ Uber
Collar – 04{Sekai} collar A .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – New @ The Gathering
Necklace – Mad Echo – Titan Necklace
Bracers – 10{Sekai} bracialet A .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – New @ The Gathering
Garters – ALTAIR* magica garter (tinted ruffles) – New @ Sanarae
Ring – [LJ] Adventurer’s Loot – Butterfly Ring – Gold
Dress – -Pixicat- Dreamy.Dress (Black)
Shoes – ALTAIR* nightmare heels .black x gold. – New @ The Nightmare

Wings – Deviance – Titania Mesh Fairy Wings – Ivy (tinted metal parts)
Butterfly circle – 13{Sekai} halo A .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – New @ The Gathering
Staff – 01{Sekai} staff gold hold .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. RARE – New @ The Gathering
enlighted butterfly – {Cloud Hug} head ADD .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – New @ The Gathering

Pose – My own ask me if your interested in it

(>^,^)> Hugs & Kisses Ask <(^,^<)

No° 305 – Second Life Yearbook Challenge

Second Life Yearbook Challenge

A new year started and Strawberry Singh decided to revive the monday memes \o/
I decided to participate in the first one which is called the Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge! because i think it is a quiet funny idea to make yearbook pictures from our avatars.
Since i’m pretty shy in real and hate to take pictures i decided to try and give myself a look that should say „Please let me get away from here as fast as i can!“
So my styling is pretty simple since i wore mostly black while i was in school because i always tried to get as less attention from others as possible.
I tweaked my shape for this post since it looked weird with my normal face parameters so i changed a bit on the mouth and eyes.
The expression i used for this picture is the embarressed emotion from the Anypose Expression Hud.
My pose is a Modelpose from R.icielli which i bought in a hugh pack when i started blogging.
Here are the meme instructions:
Share an image of your Second Life avatar smiling for a yearbook photo. Don’t forget to add your pictures to the new Second Life Yearbook flickr group, so everybody can see your pretty Yearbook Smile^^

If you want you can share the link to your post in the comments below or also in the comments on Strawberrys Blog who started this cool challenge for us.

Have fun with all the pictures that already could be seen in the flickr group.
Hugs & Kisses Ask :*

Skin – -Glam Affair – Sia II Ice – Polar tone – 03 D
Freckles – -Glam Affair – Romy – Freckles & Moles 01
Eyebags –  .Pekka. Eye wrinkles and bags
Lipgloss – -Glam Affair – December II Artic – December Gloss 3 – New @ Uber
Blush – {D.A} anime blush
blushed nose – [Gang/Cold] The Cold is coming – Ouchn
Eyes – !CS! Real Agua
Hair – Magika [01] Lemon – New
Teeth & Bracer – O.M.E.N – Teeth – Set #1 – MESH

Pullover – .Atomic. {Charlotte Sweater} Set 5
Necklace – ALTAIR* daydream necklace .black. – New @ OneWord
Collar – -Glam Affair – PeterPan Embellished Collar 4 (White) – New @ Chapter4

No° 270 – Vodoo People

VodooPeople close upOhayooo lovelys,
today i bring you some vodoo and i won’t come alone. Maybe you recognize my blogging partner, since it isn’t the first time that i abuse him. *winks*
It is a lovely friend of mine that really always is dressed so well that i was in need to blog him again. We are now going through sl side by side for about 1 1/2 years and i’m so lucky that i found such a good friend her.
Thanks Honey for always being at my side and spending time with me. <3
Our theme for this post is vodoo so there is a bunch of items you can find at the fantasy collective since this round is all about vodoo, but i also have a lot of items that i gathered all over the grid for you.
Happy shopping
Hugs & Kisses Ask :*
You should hurry up since C88 and Fantasy Gacha Carnival will close soon. ;)

get the vodoo vibe

No° 165 – I could take you to the moon

i-could-make-you-fly Ohai dollies ^^
like i’ve told before, i like using full outfits.
Modding them or combining them with others so that it would give an another point of view on the outfit so that it could be used for more than one aspect.

Today i will show you a Captain outfit from Provocation that will be out for the upcoming Whore Couture 3 soon.
I combined it with my lovely Utilizator head, mecha arms from Neurolab and Persocom Ears from H.E.a.D. to create a kind of Android Spacecaptain style. ^^
I only wear the forarmes and hands from neurolab covering the gab with Elbowsocks from hate this.
I hope you like it ^^
Happy Shopping
Kisses Ask :*
enter Orbit and find the credits

No° 160 – Spellbound

InProgressOhai Dollies ^^
So today i have only one picture for you, but i really liked how my practice come out so i thought i also could share the Outfit with you.
So to get all of these parts you have to hurry up a little cuz Final Fantasy Festival will end today.
I really enjoyed blogging for this event, cuz there was so much great stuff that i still have some ideas in mind so i hope that all of those greate creations will be available for you in the mainstores later on.>,<
For now i wish you all a good start in the weekend and happy shopping
Kisses Ask :*
No° 160 – Spellbound weiterlesen

No° 113 – Warm me little fox


Hello Dollies ^^
so my last week was so full of trouble in RL that i won’t have the head to blog i hope you’re still there and having a look here. ^^
So today i bring you some news from Leonard. The lovely lady made new Coats for the Winterseason in many beautiful colors for the winter and also she came up with a camo version for those of us who like patterns.
The tiny fox on my shoulders is from Birdy, i just love how cute and detailed she works out things like this stola.
My Shoes are from slink and i think they are worth every penny cuz they are just beautiful even if you need new feets for them. I think there will come georgous new releases for the high version of Slink feets from other designers, too so i’m a bit excited on this.
So my dears enough from me i wish you much fun on shopping. *kisses*


Shape – My Own ^,^
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High New
Ears – [MANDALA]Stretched EARS-OMIMI-

Skin – THESKINSHOP (03) (SKIN) ‚Chanel‘ (Fit)
Eyes – IKON Spectral Eyes – Glass New @ Fameshed
Hair – Magika [02] Careful – New

Coat – ::LEONARD:: DOWN TOWN Peacoat  -brown- New tysm :*
Top – _CandyDoll_ Cuero Top Tan
Skirt – :FANATIK: Pencil skirt leather black
Stockings – [77] Silk Stockings w Phat Azz & Slink Appliers
Gloves – ** Bish Gloves Black
Shoes – Slink Demi Boots Earth

Piercings- .Pekka. Crunchy gem nose piercing – Gold & Dimp gem facial piercing – Gold
Fox Stola – .Birdy. Foxy Neck snuggler {Biscuit} Dipped [BOX] New @ The Arcade