No°234 – Florals

floral close up
Ohayo lovelys ^^
today i have a mix from different events for you like this cute flowery headpiece that Ambrosia made for the upcoming Manga Fair and my lovely dress that i bouhgt at Creation. JP.
Also special is my face today cause i’ve decided to mix and match a bit with some new releases from Glam Affair, an eyeshadow set from okkbye and my loud mouth.
So my skinbase for this look was one of the Oakley Skins which you can get at Summerfest.
I added the nose from Cassia in Asia and some freckles from Cassia in America.
For my loud mouth i use a tsg angel lipstick and tinted the skin base to match with oakley.
(If you have u can also use the romy loud mouth appliers from Glam affair but they are not a 100% match cause of the facial shadings on oakley why i decided to tint my loud mouth by hand.)
I really love to play around with skin additions and make ups and i’m pretty happy how this one turned out.
Hope you like my look for today
Happy shopping
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No° 231 – Sweet asia

sweet asia
Ohayoo lovelys ^^
today i want to show you the frist release from Glam Affairs Cassia that she made for Creation JP.
I’ve shown you the group gift which was Cassia some days ago and she really got me with this cute face. *~*
For these colorful and fine make ups she came up with two of the lighter tones, Artic and Asia.
Each make up comes with the following options:
+ 8 different Eyebrow tones
+ no eyebrow option
+ 10 lipsticks
+ an extra nose shading
below you can se a chart with all make ups and
I will show you another Cassia release for Summerfest in another post.

This cute odango styled hair is from Ploom for Summerfest and you have the option to change the metal for the headband or even blend it out to style these hairs with other accessoires.
Summerfest already started an you should get over there and have a look at all the great summer releases.
Happy shopping
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No° 229 – All dem Bells

All dem Bells

Ohayooo lovelys ^^
Today a quick one for you with news from Level Up which started today and still some cute items from Hello Sunshine as well as all dem cute Bells *~*
Kisses and happy shopping
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No° 228 – Be prepared …

Be prepared..Ohayooo lovelys^^
today i bring you a nice style combining Suicde Dollz and Hello Sunshine Items as well as a little preview for the upcoming Level Up Event.
L.Wariwick came up with this pretty wedged sandales for this round of Suicide Dollz, and Pop Tart brings us this school girly like Top and Skirt.
My hairs are again a litte mod from lcky combining Eilfie and Amelie which is one of the Hello Sunshine releases.
These cool new googles are from Violent Seduction for the upcoming Level Up Event.
These googles come with a Hud that gives you a bunch of pretty options to make them your own.
Level Up is a quarterly event themed on everykind of games.
The first round is called Racing Games and will be available for you
from June the 19th  – 5th of July.
So stay tunes for more.
Happy Shopping
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No° 227 – Into the dark


into the dark close upOhayo lovelys ^^
it’s a new week and some Events started at the weekend for you:
– Suicide Dollz
– Kustom 9
– The Big Show
– The Liason Collaborativ
– Genre
and Totally top shelves.

Into the dark

So today i have to show you this fabulous new undies/dress set Violent Seduction released for the new Kustom 9.
This time she comes up with bright bold colors for you and it is lovely as usual so get over there and grap your Demo.
As all her new releases the skirt part is fitted Mesh.
My boots are from Reign for Kustom9 as well so when you stop there you should have a look at them too, because they come with some nice features. ;)
My hairs are the new release from Ploom and my horns are Cubic Cherrys release for totally Top Shelves and are on 50% for the time of the event.
My necklace is Pompositys release for the new Suicide Dollz round so you should also have a look there for some cool new items.

At least i have to tell you that i’m wearing the new Lola Delicq!
Yus Lola released fitted mesh boobs and what to say i’m just happy with them so well shaped, with a nice cleavage and super well fitting cloth layers. <3

Happy Shopping
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No° 226 – Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers
Ohayoo lovelys
Glam Affair released a new group gift and i just fell in love with her colorful make up.
So i added a bunch of flowery and bright accessoirs (much place on my tiny head xD)
Put on these love filled eyes and super long waved hairs and search a flower filled place to make a photo. <3
Also there is a new discount event this weekend called The Dreaming Tree and i got this cute pose from .Infiniti. for it.
Each round of The Dreaming Tree had a special them and it is a mainstore based event so no event locations just go over to the participating shops and get discounted new created items. ;)

Happy shopping
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No° 225 – Sugars new Home

Sugars new Home2

Ohayooo lovelys ^^
today i have to show you another cute Kemono Mod from Pantsu* Hunter.
I really like to play around with this Avatar and see which cloth will fit without any issues.
So when i wear something with this avatar you can be sure that it fits and you don’t have any holes at the back or skinparts peeking through the cloth.
I’m wearing a fitted mesh skirt again because the normal sizes won’t fit that good, but with fitted mesh you can change your belly, butt and saddlebags until it fits perfect. ;)

In addition to this cute Kemono mod i have to show you some items from different Events that have started in the last week and for sure i will share all my interiors with you today …
So my credit list is a bit longer and i decided to subdivide the interior part into the new Arcade Gacha round and other interiors because i thought this would be easier to read. ^^
Without anymore words i will start right away with my credits.
Kisses and happy shopping
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