No° 250 – Ragnarök

RagnarökOhayooo lovelys ^^
normaly i won’t edit so much on my pics, but i was totally in the mood for a real Ragnarök post, so i decided to show you this outfit in this way.
So this is my second Fantasy Gacha Outfit and this time i decided to show you the  beautiful armor parts LUAS made for it.
Happy shopping
Kisses Ask :*

Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Hands –  Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Bag
Feet –  Slink AvEnhance Female Feet – High
Wings – [europa] WHITE Archon wings (set)
Headwings – [AUX] – Fly Free – Whitie (no longer available)

Skin –  -Glam Affair – Rose – Artic 10 NB – New
Lipapplier – .tsg. LOUD MOUTH Sparkle Lips – Dolls Nude
Eyebrows –  -Glam Affair – Rose – Universal Eyebrows 06 (blond) – New
Eyes –  .tsg. July 2014 Group Gift – Dark Skies Trio – New
Lashes – //Lovely Alien// StarryEyelashes
Hair –  [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yumiko hair-Fatpack

Helmet – Luas Thor Helmet Golden RARE – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar – Luas Valkiria Collar Golden RARE – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Top – Luas Valkiria Top Golden RARE – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Skirt – Luas Valkiria Skirt Golden RARE – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Arm Armor – Luas Valkiria Armor L Golden RARE – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress – .aisling. Qarth Lady -Pearl-
Weapon –  *Cila*YuanWu FangTianHuaJi Spear-Rare – soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival


No° 158 – Heartshaped

heartshaped Ohai Dollies ^^
Sorry that i hadn’t been so activ the last days, but i wasn’t at home cuz i had to party hard cuz i went 30 last week. xD
So today i came up with a cute new outfit for you with many hearts and much more love.
I hope you like
Happy shopping Ladys
Kisses Ask :*
Teeth – ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth – Gold
Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Boobs – Lolas Tango
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female

Skin  – .tsg. Hope B Tone
Eyeshadow – .tsg. Elivra’s Makeup Kit – Maleficent
Eyes – IKON Spectral Eyes – Poltergeist &Wraith
Eyebrows – .tsg. Mini Brows *ALL COLORS & TINT*
Hair – (r)M Hair No.18’14 ( B l a c k s )
Nailpolish –Nailed It – Valentines 2014 GIFT New

Top – BabyDoll. Strappy Top / Black @ With Love
Corset – BabyDoll. Leather Corset / Red @ With Love
Skirt – Una – TifaSkirt Brown New @ FFF
Gloves – -UtopiaH- My Sweet Plain Fingerless Gloves + Appliers
Stockings – BabyDoll. Cute Socks / Hearts
Shoes – ::LEONARD:: Western Boot [grey] New

Piercings – Cute Poison – Anathema Piercings
Scarf – [^.^Ayashi^.^] Valentine’s day groupgift New
Armbands – tapi :: leather armband @ Suicide Dollz
Rings – [AUX] Melt My Heart – All Colors
Lil Chocobo – [geek.] Sleepy lil‘ Chobo -bubblegum New @ FFF

Pose – Bez!

No° 30 – The light’s coming up

ι wιѕн yoυ coυld ѕee тнιѕ… тнe lιɢнт’ѕ coмιɴɢ υp
ι’ve ɴever ѕeeɴ α pαιɴтιɴɢ тнαт cαpтυreѕ тнe вeαυтy oғ αɴ oceαɴ αт α мoмeɴт lιĸe тнιѕ…Enlightedbl

тodαy ι тαĸe α wαlĸ αт drαɢoɴғly ғor мy lιттle poѕт нere, yoυ ѕнoυld ѕтop вy ιғ yoυ нαve тнe тιмe, ιт ιѕ jυѕт вeαυтιғυl. <З
take a look inside for news & details ;)

No° 25 – Over the bridge..

нello мy deαrѕ, тodαy ι’м α вιт lαтe, вυυυυт ι нαve ѕoмe ɴewѕ ғor yoυ …wнo woɴderѕ?! *ɢιɢɢleѕ*over the bridge

тнe вeѕт ɴewѕ ғor мe oɴ тнιѕ dαy ιѕ…
тαdαααααα ι нαve мy ғιrѕт oғғιcαl ѕpoɴѕor rυɴαwαy, αɴd тнαт ιѕ αlѕo oɴe oғ тнe ɴewѕ ғor yoυ ιɴ тнιѕ poѕт, вecαυѕe мy ғιrѕт ιтeм ι вloɢ ғor нer αre тнoѕe cυтe нαιrѕ ѕнe jυѕт releαѕed.
тнere αre 6 pαcĸѕ αvαιlαвle αɴd every pαcĸ coɴтαιɴѕ 4 dιғғereɴт  colorѕнαdeѕ:
– вlαcĸ&wнιтe,
– вloɴdѕ,
– вrowɴ,
– red,
– αɴ eѕѕeɴтιαl pαcĸ wнιcн ιɴclυdeѕ oɴe color oυт oғ every pαcĸ
αɴd α ғαтpαcĸ .
ѕo lαdyѕ вυт eɴoυɢн wordѕ αвoυт тнe вeαυтιғυl нαιrѕ jυѕт нαve α looĸ ғor yoυr owɴ oɴ тнeм.

ĸιѕѕeѕ :* No° 25 – Over the bridge.. weiterlesen

No° 23 About stunning shoes, a small meme and some news

тodαy мy poѕт ιѕ α вιт loɴɢer, ι’ve decιded тo мαĸe α lιттle мeмe тнαт ѕтrαwвerry ѕιɴɢн ѕтαrтed.
ι нαve тo ѕαy ι lιĸe тнαт ѕнe αlwαyѕ ѕтαrтѕ ɴew мeмeѕ wιтн ιɴғorмαтιoɴѕ αвoυт ѕl тнιɴɢѕ ι тнιɴĸ ιт ιѕ jυѕт α lovley wαy тo ɢιve yoυ α ѕнorт vιew oɴ ѕмαll pαrтѕ oғ α вloɢɢerѕ ѕl. ^^meme

вυт вeғor тнαт, ι jυѕт нαve тo ѕнow yoυ мy ѕтυɴɴιɴɢ ɴew ѕнoeѕ.
ѕιмιlαr jυѕт releαѕed тнeм тнιѕ weeĸ αɴd ι’ve wαιтed ғor тнe releαѕe вecαυѕe ι’ve ѕeeɴ тнe ѕɴeαĸ oɴ тнeιr вloɢ υɴd jυѕт тнoυɢ ɢoѕн ι нαve тo тry тнeѕe.
ѕo ι weɴт тo ѕιмιlαr αɴd тrιed тнeм oɴ αɴd ιт oɴly тαĸeѕ мe ѕoмe ѕecoɴdeѕ тo decιde ι нαve тo вυy тнeм.
тнey αre α reαl мυѕт нαve wιтн α loт oғ opтιoɴѕ lιĸe yoυ cαɴ ѕee dowɴ тнere.

No° 23 About stunning shoes, a small meme and some news weiterlesen