No° 219 – Lets play!

Lets play games

it’s time to play again for me in this case with my new little Companions that Ohmai made for this round of The Arcade Gacha. ^^
Yes it is time again for a new Arcade Gacha round and this round brings us so much cute stuff *~* that i gathered a bit of it in my post.

Also new is an upcoming Event named Tales of Fantasy wich will start on 10th of june and i’m pretty excited for this event which will become a bi-monthly event.
Why i’m excited for it? Well this event won’t will be a gacha every round,  every 2 month the event organisers will create an event that has a theme and will have another concept like gacha, exclusives, reduced hunts and this month it start with the Theme Gods & Godesses which will be a gacha round. ^^

Last event i will talk about for this post is the new FaMESHed round because you can get thoses cute pigtailed Hairs from ploom there.

For my Photos today i build up a little set at my place so i have no lm this time for you, but some nice things for your home. ;)
Happy Shopping
Kisses Ask :*

On Me:
Ears & Tail – .aisling. Goupil – Cute /Light/ – New @ The Arcade
Headpiece – {Hator~ faith} horns .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. RARE – soon @ Tales of Fantasy
Facechains – :(SH): Facechain Classico – Wace Style – New
Hair – .ploom. Melon – Ploomage – New @ Fameshed
Body & Shoes – <UTILIZATOR> – Kemono – New (Eyemod by Kreao Kujisawa not for sale now!!!)
Kimono – -Pixicat- Oriental Kimono (Mood) – New @ The Arcade

Lets playMy little companions are all from !Ohmai Summer Fairy Scavenger Hunt – New for The Arcade
!Ohmai: Dandelion Fairy [Companion]
!Ohmai: Horn Beetle Fairy [Companion]
!Ohmai: Lady Bug Fairy [Companion]
!Ohmai: Tulip Fairy [Companion]

Blanket-texture change, applepie, record player/walnut, stack of blankets, portable grill & tea time/sunshine –{vespertine} Summer Road Trip –  New for The Arcade
Boardgame & Dominoe – HIDEKI – Feel Good – New for the Arcade
Lunch Basket, Boat RARE, Lights – [Breno] A fishing Getaway – New for the Arcade
Crane – +Half-Deer+ Crane the Lightbringer – Gold


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