No° 204 – Heartless witch


Ohayo dollies ^^

Yesterday, i finally made it to get my new grafic card *cheers* but when i finished cleaning my computer and build in the new grafic card my power supply just died so i had to get a new power supply too.
I get all done and my pc is runnig again so that i could go on with blogging.
I think this month is the month of fantasy themed events.
Let me see what i will feature today:
There is for sure the Fantasy Fair, then we have some enchantment items there and a bit of Fantasy Gacha Carnival too.
I really think if you’re into fantasy stuff anyways you could find a big bunch of pretty items this month also i should nounce, that the new We <3 RP Round also starts today event if i won’t feature anythin from there today.

The first four days of Fantasy Fair are over now, and i’m still overwhelmed by all the beauty of the Sims and the wide range of items also everyday there is anything happening so you should really have an eye on their homepage so that you won’t miss anything. Also beware that this Event only runs till the 11th of May!!

This round of enchantment is called out for sleeping beauty and it runs a bit different than any other events on the grid.
Let me Explain it to you:
The participationg 20 stores are having items in their store place and with each of this items you get a stamp card. Wear a stamp card (or even more at once) then visit ALL participating stores and touch their stamp both to receive the store’s stamp. Once your stamp card is full, you can proceed to the prize location and redeem one card for one prize of your choice! You can also wear more than just one card while visiting all the store but be sure to wear just one when you want to get your price otherwise i’m not sure what happens to the other cards.

The new Fantasy Gacha Carnival just started today and …gosh i have no words…but i’ve already spend a lot of money there. >,<
So many talented designer are participating in this round again and i only can say i’m gacha addicted.

Happy travelling trough the grid, stay full of fantastic ideas for your outfits and happy shopping
Kisses Ask :*

PS: I’ve over done the magic effect of that sphere in my hand a bit harder so it won’t look like this inworld!!! It is a freebie from aisling you can get at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival ;)

Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Teeth –  .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female- Flat
Feet –  Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

Skin & Lips – .tsg. Heartless Witch Price @ Enchantment
Eyes – !CS! Holy Flame Succubus Rare
Eyebrows – .tsg. Miss Sassy Brow
Hair – Violent Seduction – Thorn Queen (Blood Red) New for Enchantment
Nailpolish – Nailed It – The Style Icon Set

Outfit – Niekra’s Dreams – Necromancer Black – New @ Fantasy Fair
Shoes – The Annex – Impossibly High Heels – Evil Queen Ed – New for Enchantment

Horns – .tsg. Veil Horns Black – New for Enchantment
Tiara – :[P]:-Lys RFL – New @ Fantasy Fair
Combs – [CX] Peony Comb (Blood) Common – New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Staff – .Aisling. Feldream Staff RARE – New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Shoulderpieces – . a i s l i n g . Fangarth -Shoulders- Black – New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Legpieces – . a i s l i n g . Fangarth -LowerLeg- Black – New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Poses – ~ Glitterburps ~ Oh joy! – New @ Pose Fair


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